Social Media Management

Our mission is to make social media technology applicable to your daily life and business activities. We share our applied knowledge with you through our services and our learning community. We elaborate to identify your project assets and goals and objectives. We then create a road map for your social media strategy for flawless execution.

The NPOST Social Media Management is executed with the technology brought to you by The Engagement Cloud (eCloud). eCloud allows you to correlate influencers, conversations and news trends in real-time to your website and social media profiles.

You can listen to conversations based on keywords.

Track the same conversations to see if they become a hot trend.

And Engage with the conversation by publishing it to your website and social media outlets.

eCloud provide  each client reach set of  cloud component:

  • Social Media Integration; allowing you to manage and  sync all online profiles with your cloud.
  • A Virtual Blogger Community; where you can bring in any influencer associated with your cloud.
  • A Trend Engine; to help you identify the latest news and conversation trends in and engage your audience with them in real-time.
  • The Conversation Aggregator; enables you to add additional comments from various sources to your content
  • The Correlation Engine; that seamlessly optimizes your SEO, related content and conversations to promote your cloud without paying for third party ads.
  • Full Feature Social Media CMS for managing your online Cloud content from web to social media, all under one management dashboard.